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Friday, June 10, 2016

Yep, They Do Wrestle in South Australia By BoxCar Ox

Guest blogger this week, its over to Boxcar Ox....

In the older times of South Australian wrestling there wasn’t much to choose from. A bit before I moved back into the thick of the city there were companies like Joint Promotions holding shows. 

Move on 10 years after Joint Promotions and there are many promotions in Adelaide and a few of these old veterans have split their contributions to different ones, I’ll note down a few I believe to be the biggest or well known companies.

You have promotions like Riot City Wrestling which boasts a large roster and has had other wrestlers from interstate and overseas to compete. You have such wrestlers like The Bassos, The Armstrongs, S.M.A.S.H, Brodie Marshall and many more local talent. 

Up in the northern areas of Adelaide you have the crew of Snake Pit Pro Wrestling. These guys have garnered a following with their weekly shows with a couple being held each week. Again another promotion with many wrestlers and trained by John E. Radic from the old Joint Promotions days, they definitely have a strong roster to support these shows.

For the creme de la creme and the promotion I know most of Wrestle Rampage. Run by such guys as Jag Hartley Jackson, Jonah Rock, Damian Slater to name a few this company has featured numerous faces from the old JP days before it split into the different companies and all these wrestlers formed different paths. 

This company believes in good wrestling and expects the best which is obvious considering quite a few people that have walked through the doors are now mainstays on the WWE roster. People like TM61, Buddy Murphy, Peyton Royce, and Billie Kay have found success after being picked up. 

From these promotions though I find the best wrestlers from Wrestle Rampage they are true professionals which have a good sense for the business also leading the renowned Pro Wrestling Dojo they teach a lot of great talent....Even going through the dojo myself I have learnt quite a lot from these guys in all different facets of professional wrestling.

In closing the landscape of professional wrestling in South Australia will continue to grow especially with all the veterans spread out in different companies also teaching their wisdom over their years in the business, and hopefully this will evolve into bigger success for professional wrestling as a whole.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

MCW v TMDK Australian Wrestling does enjoy a WAR

all MCW talent photos courtesy of Melbourne City Wrestling and corylockwood.com


Since  I started being a wrestling fan in mid 1969,  i've  got to see just about all the major, occurences and issues from Kevin Steen swerving El Generico to the nWo invading, the first Starcade and Wrestlemania , from Magnum and Tully in that cage match, The Roadies turning heel on the Midnights, from Bryan Danielson v Nigel Mc Guniess at Sydney Uni  to Ronnie Miller beating Harley on national tv in Australia...Yep, Ive had the great good fortune to see all these occurences either through being there or the use of technology....BUT...and I will never ever change my mind on this, the greatest thing Ive ever seen was something that occured in Aussie in the early 70's . the media called it "THE WAR" ...and it was a promo fans dream....here's a couple of my favourites

all the faces of WCW Australia, and their was quite the collection, Mark Lewin, King Curtis, Spiros Arion and Wadi Ayoub among others, got into a almighty stink with Big Bad John and his army which in its time included Bulldog Brower, Waldo Von Erich, Abdullah the Butcher, Hiro and Hito Tojo and Killer Karl Kox ( but he turned on John and the rest) .

Now Its a given that any good heel has to sell his intentions like he actually believes it and to this point Big Bad John done an outstanding job cranking up the heat on the angle, basically, he believed in his heart that Lewin and his crew were getting all the top money , or gravy as he called it, and they werent sharing amongst the boys, this got him annoyed and thus the war began.

Lewin, Curtis and Arion were all at one time, or sometimes even at the same time,  jumped by The Army and the carnage was immense, blood was flowing in the aisles of all the buildings that hosted the wrestling, there were cage matches, six man and 8 man tags , refs were getting snotted on a regular basis, commentators were threatened, yep there was mayhem on an epic scale, cant honestly believe if any of the attending aussie crowds got hot enough to attack the heels or not, after all we aint the yanks, some of those fans over the years have even took pot shots at heels .

Highlights (lowlights) included  the Tojo brothers  throwing salt in Mark Lewins eyes and Lewin trashing the set...and there was a cage match where Fuji got sloppy with his blade and sliced his arm wide open.....Big Bad John and Brower hanging Lewin in the ropes, the voice of aussie wrestling, Jack little reminded us that the  ropes were steel cable wrapped in HARD RUBBER and the resulting schmozz with  blood flying everywhere was great...Big Bad John brain busting Wallaby Bob McMaster (  the best ref ever) on t.v...or to quote commentator Mike Cleary, Wallaby Bob is down and  knocked rotten

The War, I think its safe to say was the greatest angle in aussie wrestling history and i firmly believe that it still stands up today as sheer genius in booking

So as you can tell, I enjoy a bit of turmoil and rampant aggravation in my wrestling, and over the years since the war in aussie I got  to see some great heels , Kenny Dunlop, Lofty Pickford and The Black Scot for starters and then in slightly more recent times all the members of Four Nations (Jack Bonza, Mick Moretti, Madison Eagles, Sean Kustom and Adam Hoffman) Davis Storm, Michelle Hasluck, Adam Brooks and Kelly Anne have impressed with their evilosity and general sneakiness.

BUT at the top of my heel list of the modern era is one Jag Hartley Jackson, who I first saw in a tag team with Havoc back a while ago, admittedly I havent seen a lot of him since I busted my neck, but his called the South Australian Serial Killer, so I reckon its safe to say he has been fairly constant in his demeanour, ring wise, , and thus to this blogaroo subject.

Jag and his mates in TMDK invaded Melbourne City Wrestling, and like Big Bad John, he seem highly offended that MCW are calling themselves the premier group in Aussie wrestling, when its quite obvious that Jag firmly belives that "The Mighty Dont Kneel" are far and away the best group in Aussie (world ) wrestling.

Alongside Mr Jackson we have Jonah Rock, Slex and Marcius Pitt...

 Ive seen Slex around for a while now  and have been watching his run to become to the first 2 time MCW champ, let me just say thet Slex like Jag has been fairly consistent in his demeanour over all the time Ive seen him.....

Then come's  Jonah Rock who i've seen mostly in EPW and his quite briliant as the monster heel with a bad attitude, the fourth member in this crew of miscreants is Marcius Pitt who Ive seen only in EPW Im told he worked Newy Pro but i didnt see those shows, matter of fact Jag, Rock and Pitt were included in what ive said was the greatest six man tag in recent memory when they participated in the EPW State of Origin S.A v W.A...an absolutely BRILLIANT hit out for all three guys, mind you Rock and Pitt were against each other after Rock turned on Pitt and joined team SA and recently Pitt has been almost Pillman like in his MCW run, threatening to whip out little Marcus and pee on the MCW straps, suffice it to say they will continue to blur the lines of heeldom/faceism OR maybe I should stick to one promotion and I wont get so dizzy ;)

ANYWAY, Jag and the boys have hit MCW hard and fast at Ballroom Brawl the conflagration came together when the TMDK boys hit the ring during the MCW title match between Jag and Elliot Sexton ( who I also thought was in TMDK, Im getting a migraine) and then after Slex swerved every f**ker the TMDK flattened everybody who hit the ring including strangling Edmund the ref with the bottom rope ...

they then gave all the MCW fans a friendly farewell (not) and boogied on out of Thornbury ready to rumble ..

then recently came New Horizons and TMDK had finagle themselves a raft of title shots, two of which they won ,Slex and Pitt got the tag straps off Juicy and JXT and Jonah got himself the InterCommonwealth strap after some evil sheanigans by his TMDK cohort Slex, Jag had another shot at Sexton but his mates charged in and a DQ was called, and after yet more mass carnage,  Jag  stated quite eloquently that he dont need the MCW strap the only intials he wants areTMDK...

rest assured this aint over by a long shot and whatever happens I do enjoy turmoil and Jag and his mates and the MCW crew are supplying my wants and needs rather well thanks.

This is gonna get interesting methinks

Monday, May 23, 2016

Unsocial Jordans Greatest Vlogs (well, my favourites anyway)

Tis I the masked Coastie with a blogaroo about THE vlogaroo...did you realise that Newy Pro wrestler and Instagrahams tag Partner Unscoial Jordan has a video blog?, NO, Probably, maybe..,.well anyway he has and to be fair its a deadset cracker......

It stars all the Newy Pro talent , you know, sterling persons like Charli "The Queen of the Coast" Evans, Concrete Davidson, Mick "The Green Dragon" Moretti, Instagraham, Madison Eagles, that latent comedian Jack Bonza and the chick that drives 'em into a frenzy, the sheila called Shazza McKenzie (and a cast of dozens)

Its a guaranteed chuckle-a-rama every time ...So here are my personal favourites....have a look, have a laff, subscribe to it on you tube and GET AMONGST IT

Seeya next time

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

MC Dub MC Dub..Its the Melbourne City Wrestling Blogaroo

I have been very fortunate since the golden age of technology began because the intraweb has allowed me to get a look at many wrestling promotions that normally I would have only heard about through word of mouth.., I've already proffesed my like for those mad buggers from W.A EXPLOSIVE PRO WRESTLING  and ive done a blogaroo or three about my local company NEWY PRO...Now its time to give a look at then blokes south of the border, NO not CMLL, the other south of the border, VICTORIA, and the promotion therein known to all and assundrie as MELBOURNE CITY WRESTLING.

Just like EPW Id heard about the company over the past couple of years but only recently got to see (and purchase) some shows ...and cracking shows they are...MCW also appears to be a fertile ground for the talent acquisition department for NXT cause a couple of MCW regulars now work full time for Triple H , and that can only be a good thing

MCW also had a couple of all time aussie classics in their time, the trainer of champions CARLO CANNON and the original mad bugger himself KRACKERJACK....Carlo has produced more talent than humanly possible, I think he filled up Lance Storms world of hurt the first season..and for all the talent Cannon has trained, Krackers has probably punched most of 'em, the original mad Bastard is a Aussie original and if there is a Australian Wrestling Hall of Fame, both blokes would be first ballot entries...

Lets dig into the current state of play and the workers that have grabbed my attention 

 Dowie James, was the first MCW champ I ever saw courtesy of vimeoalong with Coynes intro, after which I thought he better be a bit good after that and he was,  He  fought off many MCW regulars after he won the Intercommonwealth title but has since lost it to his ex partner in The Loose and The Wreckless Adam Brooks...Dowie is also the proud recipient of Lord Andy Coynes OUTSTANDING ring intros...

The current reigning MCW champ AND the one regular Ive seen outside of Melbourne, yep, Elliot cam and worked for Newy Pro one night in Gosford, just around the corner from Casa Del Recking Ball...and what a worker , and his over,  almost a s over as Concrete Davidson at a Gosford show...and thats OVER ...the crowd reckon Sexton Rocks and I have to agree.
Time to speak about the only bloke probably more over than Dowie and Sexton, the one and only Mr Juicy, now to be fair the first time i saw him at a PWA show in Campbelltown , I didnt like him, probably cause he dropped his daks and scared my mates daughter out of liking wrestling, she has since got back into it , but I reckon if his gonna do it, the promotion might fkn warn people not to bring 8 year old girls to the show...just saying...BUT....since ive seen him on MCW shows teaming up with JXT his got back into my good graces , his is about as over as you can get in a promotion and to be fair he can work his arse off , pardon the pun, his recently got the tag gold after chasing the Estate about so good on him ...give em hell J
The Jurassic Punk...what a gimmick, hell of a wrestler, even if he does look like Sheamus after a diet, a proud owner of quite the impressive brainbuster and a match winning Anarkick, recently had a tete -a - tete with Lochy Hendricks which is sure to proiduce some cracking matches.

If Juicy is the heart of MCW and Sexton is the face then Travis and Andy are the frikkin tonsils...I find it odd that some wrestling promotions in aussie dont have announce teams for their shows, live or otherwise ...I know , for me that a great announce team is half the event , they add the colour , and thees two color in just fine ...Travis is the Joey Styles / Jim Ross of the duo and Lord Andy Coyne is the color man, who isnt a heel, figure that one out, Andy is also the charter president of the Dowie James Appreciation Society, must be, with those intros he gives him, Lord Andy Coynes gonna be shattered if Dowie ever turns heel....like I said the tonsils of the promotion ...brilliant beyond words.

THE WOMEN OF MELBOURNE CITY ( well the ones ive seen anyway)

KELLY ANNE - "The Beautiful Monster" first time i ve ever seen her was on a MCW video, won over straight away , KA dont muck around, gets straight and commences to kicking all kinds of arse, and the beating up of Merch Girl was heel brilliance....NXT in her future methinks
SHAZZA MCKENZIE - The sheila  that drives them into a frenzy , the sheila called ...well, you know the rest, been one of my favourite aussie wrestlers since the first time I saw her, which was on a PWA show (I think, could of been AWF) Shaz has worked in Shimmer and NXT and more importantly, she has been visiting with Newy Pro to my town of late so you can imagine how stoked I was ...the argument coud be made that she is the queen of aussie wrestling , an argument I wont argue with.

The Queen of The Central Coast , a Blue Floozie and co holder of the PWWA title, once a again a Newy Pro regular who visits ReckingBallia to get cheered, super over, well, from what Ive seen, havent seen her heeling it up yet, but zI have no doubt she would be super at it....the collector of donuts will be around for a while I reckon and over the whole time

JESSICA TROY - The other Blue Floozie, and Newy pro regular, a decidely evil person, powered by jealousity, well, in Gosford anyway, also saw Jess at a PWA show and she done good there as well.

Yes Yes, I realise  they have worked elsewhere, but you have to be impressed with the strike rate that MCW has getting roster members onto the WWE Network...Now, the first time I saw Tennille she was on Lance Storms World of Hurt, but the other two I'd only seen on MCW vids that I discovered...BUT... all three have outstanding talent and thoroughly deserve the success they are achieving

HARDWAY INC - Seen the boys whoop all kinds of arse a couple of times , seem to be the work horses of the promotion and a damn good job their doing 
THE ARMSTRONGS - similar to Hardway, seen the brothers only a time or two but impressed on every occasion
THE ESTATE - EMMANUELLS, COUSIN ALI AND SEBASTIAN WALKER - NOW, for these clods...I have to admit that niether guy does nothing  for me, but cudos for the having the work ethic required for making into the ring, dont mean I have to like 'em...nuff said

ADAM BROOKS - first time I ever saw Brooksy he was turning on Dowie, mongrel, but Ive seen him a time or two since then, absolutley brilliant worker with a totally detestable gimmick....cudo's young man cudo's
JOSH THE AXE SHOOTER - Jimmy Havocs young boy, but besides that , Axe is a helluva worker, seen him on a few MCW vimeos and he impressed every time...keep on shooting young fella
JXT - One half of the MCW tag champs, and simply brilliant, has a hint of Jeff Hardy about him with a dash of Alex Shelley added in ...balances the team with Juicy wonderfully...excellent stuff.
TOMMY HELLFIRE - Once again, a non starter in the Recking Ball favourites list, seen him in one cage match with Sexton, that was enough for me, he done alright but does nothing for me .


SLEX...MCMASSIVE....MADISON EAGLES....JAG.... MATT DIAMOND...ROBBIE EAGLES...DAMIAN SLATER  - If your looking for a list of top flight aussie workers then here it is and they have all worked a MCW show a time or two, recently saw Jag and Slex get stuck in on a MCW show, i can only hope you saw it, as for The Eagles and Matt Diamond , they have visited Reckingballia with Newy pro and Slater and McMassive have a place in my collection courtesy of EPW shows on vimeo...look the lot of 'em up, you wont be disappointed


JIMMY HAVOC ...TYLER BATE - if you've ever seen my twitter, you will realise that im a fan of Havoc, Ive got him working many a Progress show and the occasional RevPro gig and hs bonz in all of 'em, recently saw Havoc and Nicholls bounce each other around the MCW arena, a 5 ***** match if their ever was one,  as for the Englands toughest moustache, first saw him on a PCW show(Preston City Wrestling) then he showed up in Thornbury which was pretty cool, Bate is old school in style, very reminiscent of Doug Williams in my mind, if he ended up in a blue with fellow pommy Gentleman Jack Gallgaher and I saw it , I would be most happy...both of 'em can come back to the colony anytime they want IMHO

MCW also recently showed up in a copy of FSM magazine, a rare occureence for a aussie promotion but highly welcome.....Anyway, do yourselves a favour , shit I sound like the Molly Meldrum of Wrestling, and grab some of the stuff off vimeo, you wont be sorry.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Wirlif show review: PROGRESS Ch:20 THUNDERBASTARD

G'day, tis I the masked Aussie wrestling fan again and its time I told you all about my third Progress show Ive ever seen ...THUNDERBASTARD 20 (BEYOND THUNDERBASTARD)  and a deadset ripper it was ....Jim Smallman started out welcoming the assembled masses  to the show and reliably informed the fans that he was gonna shave the wifes head at smoko and he didnt even have to pin her in a stip match to do it

 ...they were doing it for sick kids and if your gonna shave ya scone then thats a pretty good reason to do it CUDOS TO YOU MRS SMALLMAN CUDOS

On with the show........First up.....

Ayr's  favourite son vs the warrior of god from Trinity parish London kicked the show off and you have to admire the Pastor he gave it his all , even hit a clothesline from heaven once or twice and a even a blessed backbreaker , 

didnt help much, Noam was either flying around or cracking him across the kisser, Noam even got him in the Knee Dar, but the Pastor had the man upstairs (the booker) onside and rolled up Noam for a surprising win

Their is one thing I do enjoy about Progress shows , I get to see guys Ive never seen before ...and this time I got to see four , sure ive heard of Flash and Bubblegum but tghis was my first proper look at them...

I got the suspicion that Webster dont like Bubbles AT ALL, him punching him every chance he got was a dead giveaway...Kyle and Hitchman were up for it too, all four boys uncorked the talent bottle and let rip...Kyle and Mike even got Bubblegum in a two man package piledriver ..

.somehow he lived through that until he got caught in a reverse hurricanrana applied rather expertly by Flash Morgan Webster...this led to a victory for the king of Brit Pop...great match .,...very good
Progress do a thing called "The Natural Progression Series were the overall winner gets a shot at the big belt ...the kickoff for this years  was next

Natural Progression Series III First Round Match

First time I saw Sebastian (well the only time) was at Endvr 7 and he was a evil heel, somethings changed cause now his a geezer and the assembled throng love him, his opponent on the other hand Id not see before and he was a evil heel ....

Dunne was all over Seb, he was punching him, suplexing him, and he even got basty and ground his face into the mat and even tried cutting the corner pad loose for some evil intent.....

the ref pulled that up short and while he was fixing the turnbuckle up , the other Geezer , the Diamiond one, hit the ring to assist his team mante where they hit Dunne with the copyright infringement driver ...Sebastian rolled up the evil bastard and advances to the next round....

PROGRESS Tag Team Title Match

Next match on the card included one of my FAVOURITE wrestlers on the planet, the fella from Zaanstad in the Netherlands , THE ANTI HERO...

Tommy End and this time he brough his tag partner also from Zaanstad Michael Dante, YEP, The Sumerian Death Squad were in the ring...on the other side of the ring were two fellas from the Midlands in the UK Jim and Lee Hunter ....

Once again id only seen Tommy work before so this was gonna be good and they didnt disappoint, The Hunters even went so far as getting End in a smidge of trouble on occasion however Tommy escaped and threatened the Hunters with a arse kicking when one of em got a smidge cocky....the Hunters done pretty good, Tommy even got a couple of two counts, he was annoyed by this point and tagged in Dante to have some fun...and fun he had, levelling the HUnters with clotheslines , chops, and assundry violence...he even powerbombed one then lads on the ring apron..,.

somehow the Hunters survived this long BUT not much longer as the SDS hit the Martial law for Tommy to take the 3 count and the win....the SDS even gave the Hunters a standing ovation...how polite.....

Glen Joseph made his way to the ring and cut a promo which basically let the fans know that due to injury, One of his best mates, the first graduate of their trainig school,  Ali Armstrong was pulling the pin and retiring from the ring, of course, some despicable pile of shite couldnt let that go without interupting and thus Nathan Cruz made his way to ringside, 

HOWEVER , his extreme smarmyness double crossed him this time and Hughesy announced that it didnt matter a f&**k what number he drew in the Thunderbastard match, it was starting now and he was #1...sucked in f**knuckle I thought....just in case your wondering, eliminations can only be done by pinfall, tap out or DQ...so 

Damon Moser hit the ring and generally kikced the shit out of Cruz who was saved by his eveil cohort in "The Origin" El Ligero, who I thought was gonna be a face forever, BUT nup his crooked, and he joined in on the assault and pinned Damon Moser to giuve his leader some breathing room...didnt last long next out was one of my personal favourites Rampage Brown, and he just belted the jesus out of those two arseholes , chucking them hither and yon willy nilly....next out was Browns former tag mat in Team Screw Indy Wrestling Mark Haskins, him and rampage commenced belting shit out The Origin...The Welsh Luchador Eddie Dennis was out next  ( thanks mate now I got Party Hard stuck in my head) and he joined in on the bouncing around of Cruz and Ligero...

Tom Irvin and The Villian Marty Scurll joined the fray shortly after that and the action kicked up a gear...Tom irvin got rid of Ligero ....Cruz then eliminated Tom Irvin,  Eddie Dennis then somehow disposed of Rampage , he was then got rid of by the snivelling jackoff Nathan Cruz....

Marty Scurll had enough of Cruz by this point and got rid of him, leaving Scurll and Haskins to figure out who was gonna be Thunderbastard....a smidge of submission broke out with Haskins going for some kind of weird leg submission and Marty going for his famous chicken wing a time or  two....

Marty escaped as long as he could but Haskins got him down and got the 3 count....Haskins your a THUNDERBASTARD!

Now it was time for the big one, the PROGRESS title  was on the line Jimmy Havoc was gonna have to fight off The Aerial Assassin Will Osperey to retain this time, sure he had beat him a couple of times before but this time Jimmy didnt have The London Riots to help him, apparently he fkn annoyed 'em so they dumped him and vowed to look out for Osperey on this night....

Just before the bell rung Jimmy let Jim Smallman know that he still had his belt and it wasnt going anywhere any time soon....

the bell rung and the lads were off and bashing, they made it out to the floor and when Havoc went for a chair a Riot stopped him cold giving Will a chance to keep on punching the evil swine....

Will set Jimmy up in a seat on the floor and hit him with a running dropkick whilst James was so reposed...OUCH!.....

the whole match was just a mountain of increasing frustration for one James Havoc, he even resorted to grabbing a always handy axe from under the ring and threatened to revove Wills noggin, luckily Will low balled the evil bastard and Jimmy dropped his axe ....

a spate of folding chair isms erupted with both guys getting in some solid shots, the most memorable being when Jimmy set one up in the corner to use on Osperey but Will reversed it ...BONZA....

a further kick out-a-thon erupted with Havoc trying about a half dozen times to finish it to no avail, it was a this point that Havoc decided to take out his annoyance on the refs and flattened a couple , this left Jim Smallman to count the pin which made Havoc happy as hell, cause he made Jim count the fall that made him champ in the first fkn place.....

Jimmy even got Will in a dire situation when he double foot stomped him through a table at ringside...Will still kicked out James was fkn PISSED....

Jim even got in a sneaky get stuffed gesture when he let Jimmy know he only go to two....The whole time the commentators were saying that Will had never been able to hit Jimmy with the 640 but Jimmy had been able to hit Will with his Acid Rainmaker at will, pardon the pun, ...

Will kept on kicking out, Jimmy tried to hook him up for the styles clash , but Will was too good and reversed it into "The Essex Destroyer"...it was at this point that I woulda pinned the evil swine BUT not osperey, he went to the top rope , the crowd chanted "Jump Tuck Pray, which is what he did, he launched into the 640 , crashed into Jimmy and Smallman made the best 3 count he ever had to do....

helluva match , one of the best i've ever seen I think, and thats a big call after 50 years of fandomend....rest assured this wont be the last PROGRESS show I buy...count on it

Seeya next time