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Monday, January 11, 2016

GOSFORDMANIA 4..The Return of NewyPro

Once again CCLC on a Saturday night, echoed to the sound of bodyslams and "POPS" when Newy Pro made the return for their fourth show at the CoastieDome (CCLC) and once again, they didnt fail to impress.

The curtain jerker for the evening proved to me that Phil Lynott (LIZZY RULES) wasnt the only black irishman Ive ever seen...Riley O'neill made his appearance and was announced that he was from Dublin EIRE, oh yeah, and his a heel, which he proved with his ringside interactions..which made the greeting for his opponent, the coasts very own, Dane Sinclair that much louder, both guys got stuck in straight away and had a damn fine match, O'neill was heeling it up and was sneaky and evil but with a dash of acrobatism(?) that suited him, BUT, Dano took no malarky from the irishman and downed him for the 3 count with what can only be described as a reverse styles clash...your winner DANE SINCLAIR

From the 1st cave on the left came the first participant for the evenings 2nd match, Caveman Ugg made his second visit to the CoastieDome and he was taking on the social media guru from Newtown NSW, the man known as Instagraham, now I cant decide if Insta is a heel, a tweener or what he is, the couple of times Ive seem him he gave off very confusing signals and this match was no bloody different, he tried to sidetrack the caveman with a couple of selfies, which sort of worked until Ugg tried to eat Insta phone, this motivated the masked man into action and to be fair, hit the neanderthal with some nice lucharisms (huncanranas and what have you) but Ugg kept kicking out ...as try as Graham might he couldnt keep the big fella on the mat and the finale came when Ugg hit Insta with a Razors Edge Power bomb for the 3 count...your winner URGH, SNARF, GRRRR

The Coasts very own Charli Evans made a return to the CoastieDome , to quite a POP to be fair (and she scored some donuts on the way around ringside) then from the Shire came the sheila that drives 'em into a frenzy, a former NXT talent and one of the greatest female wrestlers in the country ever,  the sheila called Shazza McKenzie, Shaz was closely followed by Charli's fellow BluFloozie Jessica Troy...Methinks Charli being in the Blue Nation aint long for this world, her "Co-Hort" kept hitting her from behind then begging off like all good heels should, The girls turned up the energy and put on a pretty damn fine triple threat, a mad sprinkling of brilliant finishes ensued with just as many kick outs and back stabs (like all good triple threats)...matter of fact if I had anything to pick out as not quite right for the match, and its a tiny little thing, Charli and Shaz were dressed like wrestlers while Troy looked like she was going for a coffee at Terrigal, like I said little thing, the action bounced along nicely until Charli showed that she has "The American Dragons" Greatest Hits ROH dvd and hit Shaz with an outstanding Cattle Mutilation for the tap out...this apparently annoyed Jessica and she raise her partners hand then jumped her and stomped the proverbial mud hole in her....your winner CHARLI EVANS

Now, to be fair if Bonz was fighting anybody else in this match, he would of had my full support, but unfortunately, he was across the ring from the purveyor of Strong and Bravidson, The Sultan of Strength, the one and only ( up yours Simon Gotch) CONCRETE DAVIDSON....Im gonna have to ring the Mayor of Gosford and see exactly what entails a Gosford Grudge Match...but apparently it involves the following posedowns, feats of strength, some fine wrestling manouvers, a superplex or two, a Red Thiunder bomb into the corner, some tope riope blancing acts and a dash of the philadephia style, cause after a while, the leader of the Red Nation collected one of the garbage bins in the CoastieDome and proceeded to insert it into the match...Bonz got hisself disqualified when he whacked Davo over the noggin with the lid of said international object...upside of this is on March 12 ( the 54th anniversay of your writer and his 47 th anniversary of wrestling fandom) at the GosfordDome, Bonz and Davo gonna have a full on NO DQ stink...thanks guys, you didnt have to

Time for the leader of the Blue Nation Adam Hoffman accompanied by Jessica Troy , who is not only a back stabber and a #DirtyHeel but a kleptomaniac as well, I came to this conclusion due to the fact that she nicked Hoffs opponent, Unscoial Jordans, selfie stick with camera included, first time id seen Jordan work and to be fair, his a bit good aint he, I think its fair to say he has the bases covered and has a phd in Lucharisms, he hit Hoff with some outstanding mexican style armdrags and a tijuana dropkick , Hoff however was his usual snarky self and invoked the spirit of Arn Anderson when he hit Jordan with a near perfect Spinebuster for the win...a couple of little things about the match, Charli Evans was sitting at the merch table, a fine opportunity to hit Jess over the head with something if i ever saw one and Jordan needs to rethink his nom de plume, he aint unsocial at all...unless he has a different mentality at the NewyProDome at Charlestown...anyway...your winner ADAM HOFFMAN.

The open chords to a 80s band Quiet Riot tune hit the CoastieDome and a young fella by the name of Sammi Quaver, I hope I spelt that right, hit the ringside area throwing up the horns and hi fiving all and asundry, have to admit, his choice in music is bloody good, BUT THEN...some ominous dirge came over the speakers and his opponent made his entrance..MASSIVE Q, entered the ringside area and the first though was "quavers stuffed now" last time I saw Q was at Supernova last year at Homebush in a AWF ring (or was it at the Entrance Club when he cheap heated a lady at ringside by telling her to get back in the kitchen)ANYWAY...Young Sammi gave it his best shot but no matter what he hiot the big unit with , it werent working, Q finally put Sammi away with a massive splash for the hundred and 3 count...your winner MASSIVE Q

Soon as I heard about this match, I had a flashback to the first time I saw the Xpress , it was at the Cube at Campbelltown at a "CALL TO ARMS" PWA show in 2010 vs The New Impact Player ( Sean Oshea and Mikey Broderick)...and since then I'm led to believe that Matt has had some back trouble which slowed him down a bit, but this was his second appearance at the CoastieDome and his was as spectacular as ever, this night however Matt and Robbie were taking on half the 4 Nations, the pink and green bits respectively AND the current reigning, defending NewyPro Heavyweight and Middleweight champions , "The Green Dragon" Mick Moretti and "Swagzilla" Sean Kustom who on the night decided they needed a flash name like Lightspeed Xpress so they called themselves 'SWAGGINDRAGON" for the evenings entertainment, actually its not a bad name if they ever tag up permanently,....the rules for this evenings main even were simple, you could tag your partner OR take his place if his feet hit the floor , so lucha rules, the #DirtyHeels had some fun to start with a vast amount of quick tags, which had some folk screaming for them to start wrestling, this was when someone hit the anti-gravity button and Eagles and Matt headed for the clouds, a vast array of gynasticisms followed with Diamond finishing the sequence by climbing to the top floor and hitting a 4 star plancha onto the villians on the floor, Moretti and Sean kept up the heeldom by cutting off x-press tags with some sneaky floor runs ...but all their heeldom mattered not a jot and the Xpress shut down SwagginDragon with some cracking manouvers and finished the match with a stereo double somersault splash from the tope rope for dual 3 counts...the crowd popped, I popped, SwagginDragon even popped subconsciously I suspect, ...and excellent match to end the evenings proceedings ....your winners THE LIGHTSPEED EXPRESS

So once again Newy Pro have done it again and highly entertained moi to the nth degree...keep it up gang, and keep coming back...Oh and cudos to Nostalgia now for having the foresight to have a presence at the show and also for bringing the black Sin Cara mask I now own.;)

Oh yeah..and much thanks to Newcastle Pro  Wrestling for the talent photos used here

Monday, December 21, 2015

Tales of Masked men : A Recked Review

I been a wrestling fan a looooonnnggg time , 47 years this year actually, so you would imagine that I've become jaded or something hey?....nup, wrestling has always chucked some thing at me to re stoke my interest...

.and one of my favourite things are masked wrestlers , the first hood head that i can clearly remember that visited Australia was Don Jardine, or The Spoiler if you like, and he has remained a firm favourite, after that pretty much anyone who wore a hood peaked my interest, Mr Wrestling Two, Masked Superstar, and Mil Mascaras were next to freak me out and then came Tiger Mask who blew my mind completely...

BUT THEN...when I was in the States on a holiday in 1984, checking out bands I read about in Circus,, I met a nice guy of mexican origins who was working at a comic book store in Frisco who sold me a Box Y Lucha or two, after "reading" the mags, we got talking and he said I should go to Mexico City if I wanted to see the top shelf stuff, 

so off I went, his cousin got us a hotel and also tour guided us in Mexico city and just when we were set to get drenched in Lucha,  El Santo, Enmascarado del Plata passed away, I dont remember if i'd heard of Santo up til that point.

You would of thought the Pope or King had died, close enough I suppose, Mexico City shut down and was mourning en masse, all shows were cancelled,  the funeral cortege passed by my balcony, the footpaths were stacked 7-8 deep, when the pall was over, we went to a few shows, couple in Arena Mexico and a show run by El Canek that had Andre on the card,  my longtime passion for all things Lucha Libre was firmly underway,

 it was around this time I discovered a luchador called Fantasma , now this bloke quickly became my favourite due to the fact he was dressed like the Australian super hero THE PHANTOM (YEAH, I'M A NERD) although I think my first favourite luchador was a guy called Medico Loco, Ive never seen him work, just pictures, but what a great name.

 I have to say, keeping up with Lucha Libre was a hard job, most American mags didnt cover it and you cant get Box Y lucha in Australia ( which didnt matter cause my spanish is abominable) But then after Konnan cut a deal with Heyman, ECW got Rey, Psicosis and Juvey, then WCW went one better and got all of the previous mentioned plus La Parka, Lismark jnr, Super Calo and Ultimo Dragon (among others), plus in the late 90s getting mags and stuff was becoming slightly easier....

and of course I got a copy of "When Worlds Collide" which included the all time classic Hair v Mask match starring Eddie, Art Barr, the Son of the Saint and Octagon and the cage match between Konnan and Perro Agauyo Snr.....of course I got all the Rey Mysterio dvds and the Story of Eddie Guerrero... ...
.I also scored few AAA Triplemania's  along the way (pity the english language one this year didnt quite work) and a mate put me onto CMLL to check out Mistico v Averno and or Volador Jnr, so that got added to the collection, I even went to Super Astros restaurant once, but didnt try the Quadrilatiro sandwich( I may be mad, but i aint crazy)....and of course, recently,  the amazing Lucha Underground has grabbed hold of me, 

ANYWAY.....I always though that it would be good if someone did a history of Lucha that helped us gringos out, i have googled a bit and bought dvds, including a Santo movie and one his son did, but spotted no serious documentary about the art form ,

 but then came.....
Lucha Libre, Life Behind the Mask  The first proper Lucha doco I had seen,  which was  the stories of three luchadors working in Los Angeles. they were, Dinamic, who, other than being a barber,  

He didnt wear a mask, cause one night he forgot to put it on before hitting the ring, I believe WHOOPS, is the required response here, 

Dinamic had been wrestling for thirty years and he was getting ready to retire from the ring, then there was the rudo Kayam, the son of a famous luchador, who carries on the family tradition in a tag team called Los Chivos, who near as I can tell are doing a version of Los Gringos Locos< i surmised this because they were waving the american flag during their intro and everybody was booing their ass , 

and then there was Principe Unlimited, a first generation luchador, just starting out....all in all the film was damn good piece of business...

then I was you tubing one day and found a movie called "Loco Fighters" from 2006, which wasnt bad either , although once again my limited spanish don't help...

then came Tales of Masked Men

This DVD has all that a true Lucha nut could want. It gives you a detailed view of the history of the sport, from Ciclone Mckay in the 30's and the beginnings of the business life of Salvador Lutteroth, right through to modern day . 

It gives you a peek you into the lives of all levels of masked men and women that live their lives with a mask. 

The bit that I really liked the most, was the story of El Santo,  the greatest luchador in the history of the sport. I hadn't seen a  detailed story about the man on film, the film, talks of his life and career beginning ,

 the famous mascara y mascara with Black Shadow, it shows how Santo, through wrestling, movies and comics, became a multi media star  a long time before Dwayne Johnson did it and you even get to hear the great man speak, 

so, its fair to suggest that i thoroughly enjoyed that bit probably the most. The film touches on women luchas and then goes onto the Minis and their history thereof...

Mini legend "Gulliver" or as his mum calls him Angel Mondragon speaks about how the minis came about and this segueways into Mini Superstar Mascarita Sagrada, along with his sister, pops in and gives a detailed story of how he grew up and got into wrestling ,

 the bit finishes with Gulliver and Mascarita giving each a laugh about their careers together.

to finish the Luchador part of the doco, comes lucha maestro Solar, he speaks of how he got started and lived a dream working against all the greats and his wife speaks of his friendship with lucha legend El Solitario...

the doco follows Solar snr and Solar jnr ( or El Hijo del Solar, if you like)as they travel to a indie show , part of the doco has Solar snr in El Paso( the town run for years by Gory Guerrero, the father of Eddie and partner to El Santo in "The Atomic Pair) 

Solar is working with luchador Negro Navarro in this match, Negro speaks very highly of Solar during the doco....

Then we go into a gym were Solar snr is being Maestro and is running both his son and other trainees through the things that will set them up for a career in lucha...brilliant

And like all great documentaries ,

 the required presence of some highly intelligent talking heads is a must, and this doco is no different, Heather Levi, Lourdes Grobet, Dan Madigan, Christian Cymet, William Nericcio and Ulises Jiminez all expound prolifically about their thoughts on, about and experiences within the world of Lucha Libre...if your not careful, you may very well learn something here.

SO, finally,  if your a fan of Lucha, or just wrestling in general, then do yourself a huge favour and spend a few bucks on this brilliant piece of work, 

director Carlos Avila has well and truly submerged himself into lucha libre world , and gives us fans  a well constructed and beautifully thought out glimpse into the world of Lucha ....

well, go on give your visa card a workout.