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Thursday, December 18, 2014

HEAT...a lost art form...sort of

I'm fairly certain we have all heard of the term  used in wrestling called "HEAT" ...a term that a good majority of modern"creative" have no clue about (or at least very little) 

Now, you would have to agree with the theory that the bigger wrestling companies (WWE, TNA) are hog tied into a PG mode by advertisers....I mean the closest I ve seen to heat on  RAW or Smackdown is Rusev waiving his russian flag, which is stupid, cause i didnt know the cold war was still on, or Seth Rollins curb stomping all and assundry, the biggest potential heat magnet on RAW is Bray Wyatt, his potential for white hot heat is unmeasurable, but sadly, the writers that the WWE hired from daytime soap land have no f**king idea about heat.

Heat, ideally, the heel has to be thoroughly convincing that he is doing what his doing for all the right reasons ( in his mind anyway)....I heard Bill Dundee say about heat once, "kids today dont about heat, they have never had their tyres slashed or sugar in the petrol tanks, hell, I've been cut 2 or 3 times cause I had them white hot"

Like I said, I been watching wrestling a looong time..just coming up to 46 years actually....and, as I may have mentioned before, I had the great fortune to be around and going to shows in the midst of what I still consider to be the greatest angle in wrestling history, well, Australian wrestling history anyway...THE WAR.

Probably around 1972, Mark Lewin got the book in Australia and constructed the angle that was the one that got me hooked into wrestling.....Luckily, he had the ideal heel, one, William Goodman,who donned the chrome germanic helmet and became the General of the Army BIG BAD JOHN...His army of heels included Abdullah the Butcher, Waldo von Erich, Bulldog Brower, Mr Fuji, Hiro and Hito Tojo, Don Fargo, Blackjack Slade and Tiger Jeet Singh....John was one of the greatest promos I ever heard, because he was thoroughly convincing that he started the war because he was sick of Mark Lewin and his mates "taking all the gravy" out of Australia and not sharing it....a fine example of making the people believe what his character believed.

One of the best heat getters have been the "turn" to the darkside, now, these dont always work, but when they do its brilliant, unless your the Road Warriors spiking Dusty in the eye, they were getting cheered....Hell, even Mario  Milano joined up with Gary Hart in Australia, I tell you, that stunned more people than the bombing on Number 96.

MODERN HEAT [or the resemblence there of]

Like I said modern wrestlers in the "bigger" companies, for the most part have been hog tied by PG rating forced upon them by advertisers or tv channels...for instance, Imagine if Bray Wyatt had the PG rating removed, he could become the next Kevin Steen, who I will get to shortly, because the character of Bray Wyatt appears to firmly believe in what he says in his promos, can you imagine if he had cart blance to go for it...I think he would be off the charts.

Imagine if Bray was around when Randy Orton was punting people left and right  BUT Wyatt was doing it instead of Orton, fans would still be talking about it (in my humble opinion}

Recently, ROH had a crack at some heat by getting Adam Cole to cut a promo on Papa Brisco, then kick him in the skull, this led to a Fight Without Honor at Final Battle 2014, some would say that was cheap heat, but in the modern era, it was as well done as any other piece of business.

Did someone mention Kevin Steen...NOW, Im s Steen fan without question, got the shirt and the dvds...and even me after all this time was stunned when he turned on Generico, a thoughjt of "what a prick" even crossed my mind....Steen along with Corino, Cabana and Generico snuck this brilliant piece of business under the noses of the booking team at ROH and it has since become one of the greatest angles in ROH history...
Can you tell me what else was happening in ROH at the time withoiut checking dvds?...I cant, but I can tell you about chain matches and run ins etc relating to the angle....All of Steens promos including the letter he posted on the ROH website was brilliantly constructed, can you imagine if he did that during the 70s, he would need a bodyguard to get to his hotel.....this led to the SCUM angle where Steen goaded Cornette into getting his job back after losing to Generico AND getting a title match against Davey Richards, where he won the title and raised nine kinds of hell until his turn where he further increased his popularity with wrestling fans.

Both Steen and Generico or Owens and Zayn, if you like have signed with WWE and are in the NXT section of the company...someone in NXT creative has been watching ROH because when Zayn won the NXT title the first guy in the ring to hug the new champ was his best friend Kevin Owens...who as soon as the ring cleared came back down and powerbombed the new champ on the edge of the ring...AND ITS OFF TO THE RACES WE GO...again.

Speaking of modern heat getters...I recently discovered a wrestling company in the U.K called PROGRESS and two of their heels stood out in particular, the first was Michael Gilbert, who recently adopted a "no gimmicks" state of mind, he used to look like a cross between Dee Snider and Raven, but not now and like all good heels, he believes his way is the right way, for him anyway....and then their is the current champion, bloke named Jimmy Havoc quite possibly is one of the best heels I've ever seen...

.there was a 4 team tag at the Chapter 13 show, one of the teams The Swords of Essex split up mid match and at the end of the match, The London Riots and Jimmy Havoc duct taped Will Osperay to a chair and Jimmy said to Will, and I paraphrase, " Will, this has got nothing to do with you, its all the promoters fault your in this situation" then he whipped out a switchblade...and threatend to torture the kid, until the promotion stopped booking him in crazy matches trying to make him lose the title, then there was mass run in by the good guys...apparently Jimmy feels hard done by by the powers that be and seems certainly determined to hang onto his title by fair means or foul...probably more foul.

Will we ever go back to those days of white hot heat...definately not, we are way past the point of even considering it...thank the wrestling gods for DVD'S and blogs huh?

Monday, November 24, 2014


Ordered this the other day off Highspots after watching Ronnie Miller and Harley go to a draw on aussie tele (again)....Race has always been a favourite of mine, well, maybe not so much that "King" crap, but everybody deserves to earn a quid...he was the second NWA champ I ever saw and the first I saw live in person at the Hordern Pavillion in Sydney .....

I'd heard of Harley through the Apter mags....then sometime in '78, I heard he had won the NWA belt, which was the recognised world champ for Jim Barnetts Australia promotion, Jack Brisco had already been downunder, but i'd missed him, so I was determined to see Harley work his magic, then I saw him on channel 9 in a angle with Ronnie Miller, they had gone back and forth promoing each other...then Ronnie rolled Harley up for a time limit draw on the show...and geve Race a gob full ...this led to Ronnie getting the rub from Harley and if memory serves a standing ovation..OUTSTANDING

The next time I saw Harley was the lead up to Ric Flair and "The Flare for the Gold" cage match and the angle leading up to that with Dick Slater and Bob orton Jnr "crippling" Flair for a bounty, so Harley wouldnt lose the belt...the promos leading up to that match was brilliant.

Harley dropped the belt to Naitch and faded out of my view for a bit until he showed up dressed as a king in the WWF, cant honestly say it was my favourite incarnation of Harley, but, like I said everybody has to earn a buck.....I didnt know about the accident that finished Race in the WWF, but what a shame, he sure deserved a better exit.

Finally I saw Harley managuing Vader in WCW and his interacting with Vader was definately beliveable..if Harley said VCader was gonna crush you, you took it as dinkum....I have the WWE Hall of Fame where Race got inducted..couldnt happen to a nicer bloke.

The DVD is an outstanding telling of the Race tale from his carny days to drivin g Happy Humphrey around right through to his running of his wrestling school today.... 

 and on the dvd, available only at Highspots,  is the following

Harley Race: The Greatest Wrestler on God’s Green Earth takes a look at one of wrestling’s biggest attractions of the 70’s and 80’s. In the world of professional wrestling there is no one else like Harley Race he is truly a one of a kind. When people talk about Harley Race they talk about respect and toughness.

On this 2 disc DVD set you will hear from Harley Race like you never have before as he opens up about his life and career. From his beginnings on the carnival circuit, to teaming with Larry Henning, the 8 NWA World Title reigns, passing the torch to Ric Flair at Starrcade 83, what it was like working for Vince McMahon, and so much more. Also you will hear from all the key figures throughout Harley’s career, the people who helped and witnessed his success.

When people put a list of all time great wrestler’s together Harley Race is at the top of most of them because he is The Greatest Wrestler On God’s Green Earth. 

Disc 1 - Full Documentary - 1 hour 40 minutes, total run time disc 1 is 1 hr 51 minutes 
Chapter 1: Early Life 
Chapter 2: Happy Humphrey 
Chapter 3: Jack Long 
Chapter 4: Pretty Handsome 
Chapter 5: 1st World Title 
Chapter 6: The Champ 
Chapter 7: Starrcade 83 
Chapter 8: War With Vince 
Chapter 9: The King 
Chapter 10: WCW 
Chapter 11: Training School 
Chapter 12: Legacy 
Chapter 13: Harley Race v. Ric Flair (All Star Wrestling courtesy of Harley Race)

Disc 2 - Bonus Footage - Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes 
Chapter 1: Harley Race v. David Von Erich (courtesy of Larry Matysik) 
Chapter 2: "The Doublecross" as told by Jim Cornette and Harley Race 
Chapter 3: Harley Race v Ted Dibiase (8 MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner 
Chapter 4: "Great Times" told by Terry Funk 
Chapter 5: Harley Race v. Ric Flair (8 MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner) 
Chapter 6: "His Hands" as told by Vader 
Chapter 7: Harley Race v. Dick Murdoch (8 MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner) 
Chapter 8: "Bruno folklore" as told by Larry Matysik 
Chapter 9: Harley v. Tommy Martin (8MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner) 
Chapter 10: "New Zealand" as told by Ric Flair/Jim Cornette 
Chapter 11:Harley Race v. Pierre Lefeber (8 MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner) 
Chapter 12: "Outlaws" - Les Thatcher 
Chapter 13: Harley Race v. Spike Huber (courtesy of Larry Matysik) 
Chapter 14: "Vader" - Magnum TA 
Chapter 15: Harley Race v. Dory Funk Jr (courtesy of Harley Race) 
Chapter 16: US Title - William Murdock 
Chapter 17: Harley Race v. David Von Erich (8MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner) 
Chapter 18: "Driving Harley" featuring George South 
Chapter 19: Harley Race v. Ron Sexton (courtesy of Larry Matysik) 
Chapter 20: "Broadway" featuring Larry Matysik 
Chapter 21: Harley Race v. Omar Atlas (courtesy of Larry Matysik)

So there you go...grab it, its the goods

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Modern Aussie Masters (and Mistresses)

Please allow me too present, in alphabetical manner, so no one gets narky, my absolute favourite aussie workers since 1990.....apologies if I forgot anyone

Ive seen Ahmed with both AWF and PWA, never fails to impress

From: Beirut, Lebanon
Weight: 97 kg
Height: 6′
Signature: Chokeslam, Holy Execution Clutch, Drive-By kick.
Finisher: War’s Spinning Ending (Spinning Uranagi)
Wrestling Since: 2005
Titles Held: PWA Heavyweight Championship

Iron Benny Coles, gets a horrible bagging cause he done an add for fish fingers , but the kid can go

Home town: Wollongong, NSW
Style:Technical, High Impact
Trademark Moves:
The Iron Splash, "No Refunds" Fireman's Carry Toss
Titles held:
AWF Australasian Championship
AWF Commonwealth Championship
AWF Australasian Champion 2010-2013
AWF Commonwealth Champion 2012

The Dean Ambrose of Aussie wrestling, I cant think of higher praise

Birthplace: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
WWW: http://twitter.com/BishopSommers
Career Data
Alter egos: Bishop Sommers
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Trademark holds: Sommercide, Metroplex

Only seen him a few times live or on dvd and he can work his arse off, brilliant
Birthplace: Australia
Height: 6' 0" (183 cm)
Weight: 194 lbs (88 kg)
WWW: https://twitter.com/chrisvice
Career Data
Alter egos: Chris Vice
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Trademark holds: Sliced Bread #2

The Mighty Concrete...been a fan since before he donned the leopard skin, out with a busted ankle at the moment...highly recommend you tube'ing him

Birthplace: Australia
Height: 6' 0" (182 cm)
Career Data
Alter egos:Concrete Davidson
Roles:Singles Wrestler
Tag Team Wrestler
Trademark holds: The Concrete Claw, Feats Of Strength

Seen him on a couple of PWA shows, cocky bastard can go alrighty
Age:27 years 
Birthplace: Aelaide, Australia
Height: 5' 11" (180 cm)
Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
WWW: http://www.twitter.com/damianslater
Career Data
Alter egos: Damian Slater
Ocean Neal
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Beginning of in-ring career:14.05.2003
In-ring experience: 11 years
Trainer: Col Dervany, Rocky Menero & Tony Stone
Nickname(s): "The Goldenboy"
Trademark holds: Bible Basher,  Holier Than Thou

The current reigning and defending AWF champ, vaguely reminds me of someone the WWE dont talk about anymore..styllistically speaking of course
Home town:
Penrith, NSW
Style:Technical, High Impact
Trademark Moves:
Panther Plex, Diving Headbutt, Panther Crossface
Quote:Get ready to be attacked by a Panther! Shut Up Idiot!
Affiliation:Beasts Of The Colosum
Titles held:
AWF Australasian Championship (2)
AWF Tag Team Championship

the highlight of the night on all my Riot City dvds....sheer brilliance

Ring names GD Grimm
Matt Basso
Height 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m)
Weight 245 lb (111 kg)
Signature moves
Rack Breaker (Torture rack back breaker)
Halls of Giants (sit out Electric chair drop)
Cut throat (throat clutch inverted Death Valley Driver)
Triple Tilt-A –Whirl

one of the first guys I saw wearing paint...sure could go alright

Height: 6' 0" (182 cm)
Weight: 202 lbs (92 kg)
WWW: http://www.myspace.com/ilcognito
Career Data
Alter egos: Il Cognito
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Trademark holds: Springboard Legdrop

One of my all time fave "heels" in Australia...smarmy bastard 
Age: 26 years
Birthplace: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Height: 5' 11" (181 cm)
Weight: 238 lbs (108 kg)
Career Data
Alter egos: Bluey Bonza
    a.k.a.  Jack Bonza
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Beginning of in-ring career: 2007
Trademark holds: German Suplex, T-Bone Suplex, Kneeling STF

One half of my favourite match of 2010...and her opponent is also on the list
Age: 25 years
Birthplace:Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
WWW: http://www.myspace.com/jessie_mckay
Career Data
Alter egos:Jessie McKay
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Tag Team Wrestler
Beginning of in-ring career:23.06.2007
In-ring experience:7 years
Trainer: Madison Eagles & Ryan Eagles
Trademark holds:Boyfriend Stealer, School Girl Crush, Octopus Stretch

my favourite crazy person in aussie wrestling, saw him on a AWF show in Sydney many yonks ago in a hardcore match with the bloke next on the list
Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 95 kg
From: Melbourne, VIC, Aus
Finishers: Bastard Lock, Brittney Spear

Mad Dog, first time I saw him was against Krackers then I saw him in a tag situation with a another canine based fella who eludes me at the moment
Home town:
Melbourne, Victoria
Style:Hardcore, High Impact, High Flying
Trademark Moves:
Piledriver, Top Rope Legdrop, Tope Con Hilo
Quote:Every Mad Dog has his day!

The mighty Maddy, ..seen her on Shimmer, Ckikara and PWA shows...an absolute gun, recently saw her and Moretti givin g Robbi and Ryan eagles the shits

From: Sydney, Australia
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 73kgs
Signature Moves: Brainbuster, Sprinboard Moonsault, Double Under Hook Suplex,
Finisher: Hell Bound (Death Valley Driver on the Knee)
Started Wrestling: Dec 2001
Stable: None
Titles Held: PWWA Championship, SHIMMER Champion

Quite possibly my favourite heel at the moment, recently had a hell of a run with Robbie Eagles...and he hung with him...impressive
Style:Rule breaking 
Trademark Moves:
Snap mare driver
Quote:"Follow the way of the Dragon"
Titles held:
AWF Young Lion's Championship
PWA Heavyweight Championship
Started Wrestling: April 2009
Stable: The Gatecrashers (With Sean Kustom)

The face of PWA...has a AJ Styles feel to him, fairly high praise methinks

From: Jonestown, NSW (now residing in Hammondville, NSW)
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 80 kg
Signature Moves: Ace Crusher Combos, Flying Double Knees, Pele Kick
Finisher: Pulse Drop (Shiranui/Sliced Bread #2), Warp 4.5 (450 Splash)
Started Wrestling: March 2008
Stable: Light Speed Xpress (Mat Diamond)
Titles Held: A1GP Championship, 1st Ever PWA Tag Team Championships, King of the New School 2010

Once again an gun in the ring, his tag team with RainBro is top shelf stuff indeed
From: The Islands Of Samoa
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 113kg
Signature Moves: Super Samoan Kick, Samoan Ass Splash, Samoa Tackle
Finisher: Samoan Sunrize, Samoan Elbow Drop
Debut Year: 2009
Titles Held: Current PWA Tag Team Champion, NHPW Hifi Champion
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Samoan-Warrior
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iSamoanwarrior

was watching a NOAH ppv and this bloke showed up in TMDK...anybody who can hang with the NOAH boys is damn good

 Promotion: Pro Wrestling NOAH
Age: 29 years
Birthplace: Australia
Height: 6' 1" (185 cm)
Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)
Background in sports: Judo, Cricket
WWW: http://twitter.com/#!/shanehaste
Career Data
Alter egos: Shane Haste
Beginning of in-ring career: 02.2003
Trainer: Davis Storm, Naomichi Marufuji
Trademark holds: Bomb Valley Death, GTFO, Lariat, Frog Splash

Yet another smarmy bastrad in the vein of Slater and Moretti...damn good worker
Age: 28 years
Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Gender: male
Height: 5' 10" (177 cm)
Weight: 194 lbs (88 kg)
Background in sports: Australian Football
WWW: http://www.slexaddicts.com
Career Data
Alter egos: Slex
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Tag Team Wrestler
Beginning of in-ring career: 2003
Trademark holds: Slexecution, Slex-Plex

The best thing to come out of New Zealand since Dragon(check my music blog)..an absolute shining star
Birthplace: New Zealand
Height: 6' 3" (190 cm)
Weight: 224 lbs (102 kg)
WWW: https://twitter.com/TamaWilliams
Career Data
Alter egos: Tama Williams
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Beginning of in-ring career: 08.2009
Wrestling style: Techniker, High Flyer
Trademark holds: NZTKO, Air New Zealand Splash, Samoan Drop,

Just when I thought Australian club wrestling was done for all money, Greg Bownds starts showing up promoting AWF shows , to say he save d my sanity doesnt even come close...Thanks T
Current gimmick: Aussie Ozbone, TNT
Age: 37 years
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Gender: male
Height: 6' 0" (182 cm)
Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)
WWW: http://www.facebook.com/TNT.Greg.Bownds
Career Data
Alter egos: Aussie Ozbone
TNT    a.k.a.  TNT Kid
Tommy The Cat
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Booker and Promoter
Beginning of in-ring career: 05.04.1994
In-ring experience: 20 years
Trainer: Rey Misterio Sr. & Shane Fenton
Trademark holds: The Detonator, Ozbone Drop

The elder Eagle and as you would expect an master of the ring, google him and his brother, brilliant....
Age: 31 years
Birthplace:Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Height: 6' 0" (183 cm)
Weight: 216 lbs (98 kg)
Marital partner: Madison Eagles
Relatives in wrestling: Robbie Eagles (Bruder)
WWW: https://twitter.com/KingKong_Eagles
Career Data
Alter egos: Ryan Eagles
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Trademark holds: Screaming Eagle

AND lets finish off with, probably, the guys taking the top two spots on my personal aussie top ten since the begining of the 90's

I cant say enough great things about Jag, firat time I saw him he was in a tag team situation with Havok (not the TNA chick)...quiet frankly,  should cracked it big time overseas in the U.S
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 245lbs
Born: April 17, 1980
From: Adelaide, SA, Aus
Debut: 1997
Finishing moves
Championships and accomplishments
Australian Wrestling Alliance
AWA Heavyweight Champion (1 time) 
NWA Pro Wrestling
NWA Australian National Championship (2 time)
NWA United National Heavyweight Championship - (1 time)
Pacific Pro Wrestling
Pacific Tag Team Champion (w/ Havok - 1 time)
Pro Wrestling Illustrated
PWI ranked him #210 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2011

Jackson began wrestling training in 1998 under former Australian wrestler Col Dervany. Jackson helped open the first official pro wrestling school in South Australia called the Monster Factory, with Dervany as the head trainer. Hartley made his official debut on 4 October 1999 against Bruce ‘Havok’ Mills at the Octagon Theatre in Elizabeth, South Australia. Hartley Jackson quickly rose to become one of the top ranking Australian wrestlers[citation needed] becoming the first ever Pro Wrestling South Australia Champion defeating Bruce ‘Havok’ Mills in a Ladder Match at Thebarton Theatre on 24 March 2000. Hartley has competed domestically and internationally, particularly in Japan

In 2002, a group of aspiring wrestlers from Perth – where there was no wrestling school at the time - travelled to South Australia and trained under Col Dervany, Bruce Mills and Hartley Jackson. The group from Perth eventually went on to open their own wrestling school become Explosive Pro Wrestling which is regarded as one of the top promotions currently in Australia[citation needed]. In 2003, Jag and Havok ventured to Perth on multiple occasions to wrestle for EPW, as well as become guest instructors and help further train the EPW roster and train wrestlers like Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste (TMDK).[8] Hartley Jackson later opened a new training centre in Adelaide called Pro Wrestling Dojo

In 2005, Hartley Jackson made his first trip to the USA which was sponsored by Rick Sanders, a founder of EPW in Perth, and took Mikey Nicholls with him. Hartley and Mikey lived and trained at the NJPW Dojo located in Los Angeles, California where they trained pro wresting with Kendo Kashin, Rocky Romero, Antonio Inoki and Terry Taylor and also trained in MMA which was coached by UFC referee Herb Dean[citation needed]. Also present at the school when Hartley and Nicolls arrived was Fergal Devitt, Rocky Romero and Alex Koslov. A few months later Karl Anderson soon joined them and the 5 became a tight group that always trained together and became a part of the team ‘6 against the World’ from the LA Dojo

Hartley’s hard work at the NJPW Dojo paid off to an appearance with New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2006 where he and fellow Australian, Mikey Nicholls, wrestled Minoru and Hiroki Goto at the famous Korakuen Hall Jackson and Nicholls lost the encounter, but Jackson swore that he would return to Japan in the future, bigger and better, to once again represent his country and would take Antinio Inoki’s advice and become a heavyweight wrestler. Hartley Jackson stayed at the NJPW apartments and Dojo and trained with the NJPW Roster.

In 2010, Hartley Jackson signed for a 6 week tour with Zero1 Japan and formed a tag team with Steve Corino. Both Hartley and Corino faced Akebono and Otani in a World Tag Team Title Match in April, narrowly losing the encounter. During the course of the tour, Hartley Jackson feuded with Kanemura and they faced off in a Strap Match at Korakuen Hall on 5 May 2010 which was critically praised

And finally, the star of Ingleburn RSL and Bass Hill Plaza,  the man with a ton of pages in Piledriver magazine...the mighty, AAWESOME..."Snap" Mercedes
Rose Bay
6'2" 246 lbs
Mark Mackay
Burger Driver
IWA Heavyweight Championship (12x) 1638 (+ ?) days  
IWA Tag Team Championship 27 days  
Trans Tasman Championship 114 days  
Mark Mercedes began amateur wrestling at the age of 18years old, shortly won the City of Sydney, NSW State and Australian Championships. He then went on to compete in Olympic game trials before turning professional in 1992. Mark then moved to Florida USA where he began training at The Malenko wrestling school under Boris, Dean & Joe Malenko.
In 1993 he co-promoted and performed on the largest national wrestling international tour of its time Wrestle Riot 93 featuring – Jake The Snake Roberts, Don Muraco, Junk Yard Dog, Jim The Anvil Neidhart, and many more. After Wrestle Riot He went on to gets his first big break back in the USA performing for Ted Turner’s WCW World Championship Wrestling, on the TBS network against Ravishing Rick Rude. After the success of WCW Mercedes continued in the independent wrestling scene in both USA, Australia & New Zealand before landing a big contract in Germany working for Otto Wanz’s CWA Catch Wrestling Association. This grueling one year tour through Europe ended in late 1997, where Mercedes returned back to the USA and began work again for WCW which at this time was the biggest wrestling company in the world.
After WCW Mercedes began to continue working in Australia forming the IWA International Wrestling Australia and formed a business relationship with business partner Tyrone Townsend which lasted over ten years. IWA went on to be the most successful wrestling touring company in Australia performing on average 5-10 shows per month year in year out.
Mercedes also began to tour Japan, the Pacific Islands and performed on the WWA Pay per view in Auckland New Zealand against Rick Steiner and continued to keep him self busy both on the road performing and promoting events. In 2007 IWA International wrestling Australia were successful for the first time in 30years and returned Australian wrestling to a national audience on the Aurora channel with the Foxtel and Austar network. Three seasons followed with many national tours backing up the television show. In 2010 Mercedes reduced his in ring performances and moved to backstage to concentrate on producing and directing live events. On Thursday 26th September 2013 a long and historic career came to an end for Mark Mercedes, who was a pioneer in Australian wrestling.

SO THERE YOU GO....much thanks to the b=various websites were i got the pics from